Thursday, January 26, 2012

Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday a weekly meme : Here is today's Question....

What’s more important: Good writing? Or a good story?

(Of course, a book should have BOTH, but…)

To me it would be good writing that is most important because it won't matter how good the story can be , if the author can't write it then it will fall flat. If the story can't be conveyed through good writing then it can never truly be called a good story. they fall hand in hand.

So what's your opinion? Let me hear it .. and be sure to follow if you haven't already. :)


Kara said...

You make a good point, but I disagree. Can you think of examples? Because I was trying to come up with a few before answering :)
I've read a few YA books where the writing was great, but the story was lacking or I didn't connect with the story/plot. Writing can be improved with time and practice, but the story comes from within your imagination and is much more challenging to develop.
These days it seems anyone can get published, but there are a limited amount of good stories available depending on your preference.
Good question, Tristen, really had to consider the answer :) You are right about needing good writing and a good story, it is difficult to choose one of the other!

LibrarySnake said...

This was a tough one, wasn't it? I tend to go with a good plot line, but I'm not sure.

Gigi Ann said...

I always go for the "Good Story" if the writing is flowery but no good story line, I will put it on my abandoned pile of books.

Hazel said...

This were hard choices. I choose good writing in the end. I don't like it when a story falls apart due to bad writing either. Have a great weekend ahead.

Hazel said...

Sorry, I meant these, not this. (There goes good writing, ha!)

Karen Greenberg said...

As a certified Language Arts teacher, I have to agree that you make a very valid point. Poor writing would turn me off very quickly no matter how great the concept was.

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