Friday, June 15, 2012

5 Floptastic Finds

5 Floptastic Finds

Floptastic Finds are books that you have either heard wonderful things about , everyone loved that book , or you were so excited to read a certain book only to find out that it was not Fantastic .. it was a Flop

If I Tell        This book was a flop for me because honestly it was more about racial and biracial ties that the actual secret that was being kept . Half the time I wanted to slap the main character and tell her to get a grip on herself.  This could have been a great story but like I said the issues were not interrogated well and took over the secret part of the book.
If I Tell

 The Way We Fall (Fallen World, #1) Another book that could have been great , I wanted to like this book but when you through in random issues , you ruin if for me. In this case the brother was homosexual , fine , great wonderful for him but don't make it seem like a random after thought. :( all in all this book for me was forgettable ..but to be honest I will check out the next book in series in hopes the author can pull me in. I believe in second chances.
The Way We Fall

Struck Romance , Romance , Romance .. where art thou Romance?  Great idea , a bit of a flop on the follow though. This book just felt lacking for me , like it was missing something. maybe to much focus on just the religion factor and not enough filler in other parts? don't know it was just a dislike for me. 

 The Book of Blood and Shadow I can honestly say I did not finish this book. It sounded like a great book, murder, romance , intrigue all of that would have been great if it hadn't felt like I was reading a history book. Don't get me wrong I know that this book needed some of the history after  all they were deciphering out texts and letters but it needed a better balance.  I hardly ever not finish a book but this one just bored me ..sorry.
The Book of Blood and Shadows

 Endure (Need, #4)I am so very sorry to see this book on my list. I nagged and nagged on NetGalley to get this book ( so I will be reviewing it in full later) , and I loved the rest of the series, which is why I was so upset at this book not being great like I expected it to be. The love triangle was lacking , all the other books built it up and then if fell short in this one. I mean come on give me some romance for crying out loud . I love how author Carrie Jones intertwines lore and myth but in this book I felt like I was watching a rerun of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in fast forward. I will say though to end on a happy note .. this book had some great quotable moments.

I will end this Floptastic Finds with say.. don't just take my opinion and never check out these books for what you may like is different than what I like. Always enter reading with an open mind and find out if the book is for you or not .

Feel free to let me know your thoughts ...did you like any of these books did some of them flop for you too? .. Share Share
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