Friday, December 9, 2011

Pirate of My Heart

( a big thanks to netgalley and author Jamie Carie for a chance to read this book)

summary from goodreads:
When her doting father dies, Lady Kendra Townsend is given a choice: marry the horrid man of her cold, money-grubbing uncle's choosing or leave England to risk a new life in America with unknown relatives. Armed with the faith that God has a plan for her, Kendra boards a cargo ship and meets American sea captain Dorian Colburn. But the captain has been wounded by a woman before and guards his independent life. A swashbuckling man doesn't need an English heiress to make him slow down, feel again, or be challenged with questions about his faith-or so he thinks. It is not until Dorian must save Kendra from the dark forces surrounding her that he decides she may be worth the risk.

Pirate of My Heart is a story woven with betrayal, love , and faith. Kendra grows through her trails and loss into a capable strong young woman. I thoroughly enjoyed the setting and the background provided for this swashbuckling romance, it was easy to understand what it might be like on a ship as well as on dry land. Author Jamie Carie did a fairly good job of introducing her characters but at parts it felt a bit rushed. I enjoyed the strong threads of scripture and faith that both Kendra and Dorian obviously needed as they fought against all the elements that would try and separate them. I am rating this as a 2 star purely because at times I felt lost reading it , that some times chunks of book felt missing. A two star as it may be I still enjoyed the potential that this book offered. I hope that the author continues writing and developing her stories and her skills for I see great things in her future.

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Crystal Campbell said...

Love the cover!

Totally Booked Solid said...

beautiful isn't it Crystal .. the colors are nice on it

Laura Jane said...

I absolutely LOVE pirate novels. They are my favorite guilty pleasure! I think I MUST borrow this! ;)

Totally Booked Solid said...

lol Laura i would let you borrow it but unfortunately I got it from Netgalley and can't lend it. :(

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