Saturday, September 17, 2011

Grandma's book rules

revisit to Grandma's rules on books .

1) no dog earing- dog ears are cute on dogs not books
2) always use a book mark- I don't care if it's a real book mark , a receipt, heck even a piece of toliet paper will work. Just respect the binding.
3) never bend the pages to where they fold behind the book it's self , you will never get that book to lay flat again.
4)if you borrow a book make sure it comes back in the same condition as when you borrowed it.

Well that is pretty much the rules to keeping your books nice and making them last longer. Respect the book , enjoy the book, and never ruin the book.
These are the rules I live by and heck who am I to argue with Grandma.

so tell me do you have any book rules?
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