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Big Girls Go Potty and Big Boys Go Potty- Review

 Big Girls Go Potty

Big Girls Go Potty by Marianne Richmond
 Ages 1 and up
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky 
Published: April 1, 2012

 Summary from Goodreads:

Marianne Richmond's charming prose and cheerful illustrations bring a familiar look to the potty training experience. A warm, reassuring story showing your little one just how successful she'll be at going potty, Big Girls Go Potty features Marianne's trademark nuanced emotions and strong connection and offers a poignant teaching experience. Sure to become a favorite practical book with fans who adore Marianne's artwork and insightful prose, this book speaks directly to the little one, giving her an extra hug and big smile.

I read this book with my 2 year old and let me tell you she loved it . she takes Big Girls Go Potty, with her every time she goes to the bathroom ( we are in the middle of potty training so let me tell you this book came at the right time).  This book follows a little girl named Emma and her stuffed animal named Bear , as Emma is learning to use a big girl potty. The book was easy for my daughter to follow and very straight forward . You learn that Emma got to pick out big girl panties , and that when she goes to the potty like a big girl she gets stickers. My daughter loved the sticker part because we are using the same thing to reward her as well. I was really glad when it was explained that accidents happen and are a part of potty training . It was also wonderful to see that Emma's parents were proud of her as well in the end when she learned to go like a big girl. 

If you have a little boy that needs help with Potty training never fear .. Marianne Richmond has also put a book out for boys called Big Boys Go Potty 

Big Boys Go PottyReview:
Big Boys Go Potty follows a little boy named Daniel and his stuffed animal Lion. Like Emma ,Daniel   gets big boy undies and stickers for going to the bathroom . Daniel also learns that accidents sometimes happen and that you just have to keep trying . Through determination Daniel in the end learns to use the potty and his parents are so proud of him for being a big boy.

Both of these books I would highly recommend for any child who is learning to potty train . It was a wonderful addition for us. the illustrations were quite wonderful and straight forward, easy for any child to follow.

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