Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pieces of Me

Hi guys ... I'm still here and still alive . hope you guys are all still alive and well .  I am sorry for the lack of posting the last couple of weeks it's the end of my semester for college , and the beginning of a new job for my husband ( monthly budgets and menu planning for this mommy .. a new addition to our lives) so things have been a bit chaotic of late , and to add to that we are potty training our 2 year old .  I take my final exam tonight so things should get fairly back to normal , I have some great reviews to post up in the next couple of days .

This post is to let you know a little bit more about me and my family and give me a chance to learn about you and yours.  I'm a almost 30 year ( I hit the big 3..0 this year ) old mommy ( we have a two year old daughter and two fuzzy kids) and wife. I have lived in Oklahoma all my life . On top of family life I am going to college to get my AA in Liberal Studies , followed by a BA in Liberal Arts- Humanists with the end goal a Masters in Library technology . Can't wait to be a Librarian.  I have a chronic illness that I do my best to not let define me .( I suffer from IBS and Colonic Inertia ) might be a bit TMI for some but just keeping it real.

The love of books runs in my family . My Grandmother instilled it in me ( she is the grandma that gave me the book rules) . I would love to own the library from Beauty and the beast . Anyone know a big hairy guy that wants to woo me with a Library? I also have a love of art . my family and I go to the art museum whenever we can. I love love love to bake , though sadly I don't cook . Bake ..yes , Cook ... no .  I'm a list maker. I have an obsession with organizing , or at least the idea of organizing. I watch Hoarders a lot .. call it motivation if you will.

I am hardly ever without a Cherry Coke in hand it keeps me sane . My favorite color is Black.  Last but not least I am a Book Hoarder and a bit of a Book Snob.  I hardly ever get rid of books and I rarely buy used books ..I miss the new book smell to much. I do love the Library though, and visit it just about every Saturday.

So that's a bit of me .. what about you ?
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