Review Policy

My Review Policy is just a tid bit about what I like or don't like when it comes to books, how I will review it and generally what to expect when I do review it.

What I accept:
I will pretty much accept most anything. Except Erotica .. I want this site to be for everyone and honestly Erotica is not for everyone .. so please respect that. I love all kinds of YA and  Christian Fiction. I will also review Children's books( I have a two year old and we love to read together) and some non-fiction. Basically it never hurts to ask me to review it , if I think it's not for me I will let you know . I also am willing to review ARC copies .. I happen to enjoy them and I'm not at all bothered by them not being a finished work.I love giving insight on books not yet out. with Arc copies you will have to let me know when you need a review by and I will let you know if that is possible. I prefer paperback copies for review , but I do accept hardback , and I own a Nook but if possible please send paperback.  Side note : If the book you are sending me is not a first in series and I don't own the others I respectfully ask that you send the first books with the copy you wish me to review.

What to expect from my reviews: 
~Summaries: will come from goodreads, amazon or the back of the book. I think it's pointless for me to rewrite what the author already has .
~Review:   My reviews are not great literary works , they are my opinion only. I will let you know what I thought of the book, the good , the bad , and the ugly.
~Rating: I will give a 1-5 scale rating .. 5 being the most wonderful book ever , couldn't put it down, and 1 being .. how in the world did this even get published.
~ Posted where? : The reviews are posted on the blog, the FB page, amazon , Goodreads, and sometimes Barnes and Noble.
~Cover Art: I always do my best to include a picture of the book . what better way to catch a readers eye.

So after all that if you are interested in me reviewing for you shoot me an email:
mrstcalnan (AT ) gmail (DOT) com   I look forward to reading with you  Thanks

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